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celebration puts it all in the past, right, when the actual rosa parks keeps working on racial and social justice issues all the way up to the end of her life. >> brown: that's all ahead on tonight's "newshour." >> major funding for the pbs newshour has been provided by: ♪ ♪ moving our economy for 160 years. bnsf, the engine that connects us. >> and by the alfred p. sloan foundation. supporting science, technology, and improved economic performance and financial literacy in the 21st century. >> and with the ongoing support of these institutions and foundations. and... >> this program was made possible by the corporation for public broadcasting. and by contributions to your pbs station from viewers like you. thank you. >> brown: the man picked to lead the central intelligence agency was called today to defend his positions in the war on terror. john brennan's senate confirmation hearing revolved around several hotly debated policies. "newshour" congressional correspondent kwame holman has our report. >> reporter: even before the hearing got truly under way, protesters from
one person who represents thousands across the world. his name is malan rosa. i told jonathan this story and i decided to include it here. he's someone who reached out to us because he couldn't get anyone else. central europe last year, budapest, the czech republic had gone from a leading country in central europe, leading the region in laws and in the constitution of equality 16 years ago to a complete reversal today. it's got one of the worst records today of the deprivation of rights of women, roma people, jews, and lgbt people. sound familiar, that grouping? i was not prepared for what i was going to find in budapest. i was not prepared for the thousands ofneo nazis and state sanctioned militia that would meet a couple hundred marchers, thousands of them. * there was one young man, 21 years old, young hungarian, who would be the only person to go on tv with me, only hungarian, malan would take a blow horn and walk through the streets against families that hated us, and he walked and he shouted and he kept the morale up as we were walking against this sea of people who didn
no apota a la legalizacion y se intensifican las legalizacion a favor de una reforma migratoria mario rosa con información , prefiere que los inmigrantes comorado que apota una legalizacion de acuerdo a un centro de estudios migratorios la suposicion en washington de q2 todos queremos , no es correcta los residente sse hablan entre ellos el 64% , piensa que no se cumplen las leyes que las leyes han sido severas ante los indocumentados mientras encuenteas como estas surgen viven a favor de la legalizacion a móvilizar por una reforma migratoria . >>> que incluye un camino a la ciudadania la agrupacion de sindicatos ofrece una serie de actividades como las vegas miami y houston , hgay más apoyo más enertgia . >>> en washington maría rosa , univisión , hoy dio inicio el radioton , a través de latinomix de univisión radio personas como usted llamaron par hacer dsonaciones , se dedica a buscar la cura y cada año atienden a más de 7 ,mil menores , las familias no pagtan nada , cubrtimos , el tratamiento , nunca nos pagan por nada continuara mañana viernes así que aún està abierto
. you can see the winds here light around santa rosa as well as sfo, mountain view eight miles per hour and san jose, fairfield calm. even with a slight breeze it is chilly, so you have to exr the wind-chill factor in some cases. take, for example, areas like mountainview, redwood city, san jose covered by the two, upper 40s here, if you have the lightest breeze outside your door could mean feels more like low 40s. we will continue with chilly conditions today, 52 napa, foresanta rosa, this is the call for the weekend, sort of cool, breezy at times, upper 40s around the university, fremont reporting 48 degrees as well. afternoon highs for today going to be on the cool side. take a look at this, 53 berkeley, 52 san francisco, 53 nast to, 52 hayward, areas along the santa clara valley, 53 san jose, 52 morgan hill, more sunshine later today. the extended forecast there with your weekend in view, tomorrow morning going to be chilly. the northwest winds are expected to keep us from below freezing at least widespread below freezing temperatures but still waking up with 32 degrees in some area
inches of snow. 30s on the temps and 40s. santa rosa is already 33 degrees. its will get even colder tonight and tomorrow. fremont you can get a little snow mix. snow will be around 2,000 to 2500 feet. still a scattered shower or two. morgan hill is lighting up a little bit. santa clara valley. you can see where the majority of this returns are. heading down toward the monterey. sun and clouds and showers. chilly and breezy. 50s on the temps. 52 and 53. cold saturday morning. windy but then cold sunday as well. sunny and warmer weather. maybe for awhile. >>> another round of king tides will hit the coast today. that could mean unusually high water levels. during the last king tide event in december there was minor flooding in marin county. the tides are expected to be the highest today near coyote creek in santa clara county and near the dumbarton bridge. >>> the governor of texas rick perry is coming here to california to the bay area. the pitch he's making to businesses while he's here. >>> there are problems in the national cemetery. the number of remains found buried in the wrong
healdsburg, santa rosa, eventually the napa valley showers moving northeast. look at the rain up to the north. that has to move through the bay area before we can sound the "all clear" and get back to sunshine. as for what's going to be happening next, there are more showers on the way because there is an upper area level of low pressure system off the oregon coastline heading toward us so showers increase tonight. this is good news for skiers because this will translate to snow in the mountains. only 3 to 5" of snow, but the snow level dropping to 3,000 feet and finally some fresh powder in the sierra tonight and tomorrow. roberta gonzales is reporting live today with the mobile weather lab talking about how much rain fell today and this big deficit. >> wondering about the bay area and how we stacked up as far as rainfall totals are concerned, here in the embarcadero we saw .1" of rain. pretty anemic. here's the other totals around the microclimate. st. helena with nearly .4." sausalito in the north .14." how do we stack up as far as precipit
esta alerta del tiempo nos trae mas detalles... fanny!!! buenas tardes mario y maria rosa, en efecto el noroeste de la nacion esta bajo alerta de una tormenta de nieve, la region mas afectada sera el area de nueva inglaterra donde precisamente se espera una acumulacion de hasta dos pies de altura, connecticut y rhode islandambien estan bajo alerta... ahora bien cual sera el efecto en nuestra area?? el pronostico para nosotros es una leve probabilidad de lluvia helada a partir de la media noche, que se va incrementando en horas de la e madrugada... se espera un viernes con aguaceros desde el amanecer hasta horas de la informaciones, un nuevo informe revela que un gran porcetaje de votantes no esta a favor de una legalizacion, pero mientras tanto tambien se intensifican las movilizacion es en todo el pais por una reforma migratoria... 52 por ciento de los votantes prefiere que los inmigrantes indocumentados regresen a sus paises de origen..comparado a 33 por ciento que apoya una ongalizacion... esto de acuerdo a un nuevo informe del centro para estudios migratorios... "la suposicion en wa
getting those. santa rosa may be a little warmer. next week very quiet. not quiet back east. they are on wall to wall coverage and boston looks to be -- boston north really, new hampshire, rhode island up to maine look to be the main areas to get hit by this system that will develop today and into the weekend. tor i i believe is live in boston. >> reporter: there is a lot of an advertise about this storm. this will be an epic event. the snow has started, it's windy, bitterly cold and throughout the day the snow will pick up and then the overnight at some point it'll be to the point where it's about two to three inches an hour, reaching about two feet. the earlier you arrived at the airport friday morning the better chances your flight was on time rather than canceled. >> i was really tired but i would rather get out on time and safely. >> reporter: passengers lining up at northeast airports hoping to get out of town before a monster blizzard gets in. in new york the mayor is optimistic the city can handle whatever comes its wait a minute. >> having it happen overnight frid
everywhere, san francisco, and traces near santa rosa, concord, oakland, redwood city and near san jose. as for take a look outside right now the stormtracker 4 offshore but also along the north bay coast. mostly dry conditions but the rain is staying to the north for the most part. let us take a look at lake tahoe. we can see the snow showers. it will continue tonight and tomorrow. the wider view with plenty of spotty showers. and with the look on futurecast, the rainfall totals along the coast. we will see rainfall totals even further inland. petaluma, the same in hayward. and towards the 1:00 a.m. or, it is over the east bay and the livermore valley. and the san mateo coast line, notice the old diablo range. that is indicating snowfall. snowfall local levels at 2,500 ft.. to not be surprised to see them up the mountain levels. rainfall, still along the sasan mateo coast. that rainfall/snowfall by 5:00 a.m.-10:00 a.m. the possibility of a wayward shower into the afternoon. some returns on futurecast. largely, we are going to stay dry. clearing skies. temperatures. those are going to b
rosa. south of -- north of the park. petaluma. beach. scattered showers. more stowers moving -- showers moving in. showers in this direction. san francisco, you will get showers here in the next few minutes -- or moments. gilroy, scattered showers there. this is not the main deal, there is a low pressure that comes in over the top of us, when it does it brings us showers, maybe a chance of a thunderstorm and snow in the mountains. see you back here. >>> a former star football player from the bay area will spend the next few years behind bars for selling drugs. davis was sentenced to three years in prison for selling drugs. the 28-year-old was a running back for san jose state and went to the canadian football league. he was cut loose in 2010. >>> the city of concord is closer to banning the cultivation of marijuana. they voted 4-0 in favor of the measure that now goes to the counsel. they banned medical marijuana dispensary in 2005. the supreme court is weighing whether local governments have the right to enact such bans. >>> in an hour, san jose mayor will deliver his state of the city
degrees. the cold front -- santa rosa. generating the light rain showers, round that is set for tonight. >> tonight, cold showers, snow levels down to about 2,800 feet, tomorrow, this moves out to the east. we're going to hold on the to chance of some lingering showers first thing friday morning. >> this will be a snow producer in fact, it already is. a winter weather advisory in place until 10:00 tomorrow morning. >> here's our forecast model into the overnight hours for your friday are holding on to still some scattered showers, at least a fairly good chance first thing tomorrow morning for the commute. >> the cold air remains in place and the winds do pick up through the weekend, gusting 20 to 30 miles an hourly maybe. >> here's a look ahead, cool and windy for your weekend, temperatures begin to recover by monday of next week. >> thank you, mark. >>> today, it was time for california to pay up on their super bowl bet. senators diane feinstein delivered a feast to mark the baltimore victory over the 49ers. >> thank you for trusting ktvu channel 2 news. we'll see you the next time new
weather? of course. 37 in santa rosa. we are going to get to near the freezing mark and back to the east bay. we will talk more about snow chances coming up. let's get you outside where it is clear here immediately off on the san jose camera. we are tracking the deck of cloud cover that is currently moving in. let's get you back to the weather boards. the upper level area of low pressure producing all of this winter weather is wrapped up in so much cold air it will keep temperatures into the 50s up into the weekend. that will keep that slight chance of thunderstorms in the forecast into early tomorrow morning and it kicks off to the east. something you might want for the weekend, sunshine coming our way and that cool weather staying in place as we talked about. rain timeline for tomorrow. overnight hours best chance of rain pops back for the east bay and the south bay. by 5:00 and 6:00 tomorrow morning we will have lingering showers back for the east bay. and this is where we may get a rain/snow mix down as low to 500 feet. unreal there. back in the east bay if you hear rain drops you ma
, temperatures are cooler in most areas fog becoming a problem around santa rosa and three quarters of a mile and 34 for you, and look at the low-to-mid 40's in the san jose area at 42. becoming partly cloudy today and still below average, clear tonight and cold, and frost is possible inland valleys to protect the pets and plants during the overnight hours. warming trend begins tomorrow. now, a look at what is going on, upstairs a cold front from yesterday with a trough and a low that the system is bringing us, the last push of showers the next two or three hours. you can see in the overnight hours we had the heavy rain rolling through with .07" in san francisco and snow falling in the santa cruz mountains and by 9:00 or 10:00 it will be gone with increasing sunshine this afternoon. a slight breeze is possible which could make it feel cooler. we will get .1" in the mountains. we have a king tide at 9:28 and saturday morning at 10 chp -- 10:21. temperatures are today are in the low-to-mid 50's. tomorrow, mid-to-upper 50's under sunny skies and mid-50's at the coast but nearing 60 everywhere el
informacion...fanny!!! gracias maria rosa, buenas tardes, tal como lo dices, tuvimos precipitaciones aisladas en nuestra region y una abundante nubosidad... caracteristicas totalmente favorables si tomamos en cuenta la dramaticas condiciones atmosfericas que se estan viviendo en otros sectores del noreste como la ciudad de boston que se esta preparando para mas de dos pies de acumulacion de nieve... hasta ahora el pronostico para nosotros es tranquilo, con una leve probabilidad de lluvias que continua latente hasta final de la tarde... con las condiciones atmosfericas para este fin de semana, regreso mas adelante, gracias ...y este sera un fin de semana con algunas calles cerradas y restricciones en los estacionamientos del distrito de columbia, esto debido a una serie de eventos. claudia uceda, nos tiene mas informacion desde la zona de chinatown...adelante claudia!!! asi es se esperan varias calles cerradas y cientos de personas este fin de semana en el centro de la capital, asi que si viene por aqui, preste atencion y evite inconvenient es... debido a que cientos de personas se preparan pa
estas personas. maria rosa lucchini con los detalles. 52 por ciento de los votantes prefiere que los inmigrantes indocumentados regresen a sus paises de origen..comparado a 33 por ciento que apoya una legalizacion... esto de acuerdo a un nuevo informe del centro para estudios migratorios... "la suposicion en washington de que todos queremos una amnistia no es correcta, pienso que los residentes se hablan entre ellos y piensan que estan obteniendo buena informacion y no lo es" el informe revela que el 64 por ciento de los encuestados que estan a favor de una autodeportacion, piensa que no se estan cumpliendo las leyes de inmigracion . y el 10- por ciento seÑala lo contrario... que las leyes han sido severas contra los indocumentados... pero mientras, encuestas como esta surgen... tambien movilizaciones a favor de una legalizacion... "poniendo una campana nacional en todo el pais a movilizar las familias trabajadoras por una reforma migratoria y mas que todo una reforma migratoria que incluye un camino a la ciudadania" la agrupacion de sindicatos por sus siglas en ingles aflcio esta
. showers up here now. near the santa rosa area. showers are moving in this direction, heading south. south towards morgan hill, gilroy. this area here, i didn't get records of thunder or lightning but it has been creating rain issues for gilroy and morgan hill. as we get into the next couple hours the main mechanism, the low works its way down over the bay area and as it does we will see a chance of thunderstorms. when i come back we will talk about that. see you here. >>> you can get weather updates anytime go to www.ktvu.com and click on the link at the top of the page and we post the forecast and any alerts on twitter and facebook. >>> a man whose family was attacked is showing us the damage done by the shooting. ktvu's john sasaki is live with the story he told and why he feared his whole family was going to be killed. john? >> reporter: you can see behind me the force that was used to start this home invasion. a shoe print where they kicked in the door. the family showed us the damage. >> actually bullet is still in there. >> reporter: he took us around the home where hours earlier wh
temperatures. in santa rosa, 34 degrees, a lot of fog forming so be careful up there. we have mid-to-upper 30's inland but antioch is 41 and low-to-mid 40's around the bay with 45 in oak and san francisco and mountain view and fremont and san jose at 42. now, what will happen today around monterey bay upper 30's to mid-40's, becoming partly cloudy after 9:00, cheer, cold tonight, with frost inland so be prepared and warming trend for the afternoon hours tomorrow. here is a look at the cold front from yesterday and now the trough of low pressure and the low bringing us the showers and as they will spin around from northwest to southeast, they will stay over the ocean. last night, they came in and they were healthy dropping .1" in some areas and they moved away from us over the next couple of hours you can see the sunshine break out headed into the afternoon hours and the evening hours will be chilly without the cloud cover out there. we have the beach hazard today and tomorrow and at pebble beach scattered showers and 50, a big tree right there, over the ocean. >> is that a hazard? >> that is a
that cable carl hit the bolt? nbc bay area's joe rosa ta junior has the answers. >> san francisco's cable cars are the city's picturesque ambassadors to visitors from around the world. but yesterday they showed one group of riders their ugly side. today inspectors from the state puc examined the tracks at powell and washington where car 25 came to an abrupt halt before hitting a bolt in the tracks. sending seven people to the hospital. today, muni officials revealed an bolt came from their own system. >> to cause -- the cause of the incident was in fact a loose bolt that came from the screw plate. >> muni said the bolt came loose from one of the 41 switches along the system, which are visually inspected every day. >> what we do now in addition to visually checking them is that at least once a week, we will tighten up all of the bolts. >> muni says its underground cables are wrapped in sense areors that normally trigger alarm when there's an obstruction on the track but yesterday the alarm never sounded. >> the incident yesterday wasn't pick the up by the sensors because the bolt was jamme
on this morning and then cold temperatures. in fact, it's chilly out there now. 34 degrees in santa rosa. 35 in the napa valley. 42 in san jose and 44 in san francisco. this afternoon, it will be breezy, cool and crisp. highs only in the low 50s coastside, 50s elsewhere. mountaintops probably only in the 40s and a little dusting of snow across the mountains, as well. that's the latest from here, guys. back to you. >> love the dusting of snow. all right, lawrence, thanks. snowy weather has returned to the sierra after a dry spell that lasted weeks. caltrans cam at interstate 80 at donner lake shows plenty of snow there as people are chaining up. >>> while many drivers were not prepared heading over the summit, they had to buy chains and they needed some help putting them on. that meant good business for those who make a living putting on chains for people. one man says he is ready to help drivers who may be caught by surprise. >> maybe they don't listen to the news. they don't know what they are getting into but they do when they reach this point. >> the
, we're chilly in spots. 33 degrees hovering above freezing in santa rosa, 40 in concord and 41 degrees in livermore. by the afternoon, highs expected only to be in the low 50s toward the coastline, about 54 in san jose. and about 55 in san francisco. more on your weekend forecast coming up in a couple of minutes, guys. back to you. >> thank you. >>> after weeks of dry weather in the sierra, the snow is back as lawrence said. many drivers were not prepared heading over th summit. some needed to buy chains, some needed help putting them on meaning business for those who do that for a living. skiers were ready for fresh powder and skiers and borders took advantage of it. >>> this morning a big winter storm is bringing snow to the u.s. east coast. the storm is causing some significant disruptions to air travel extending all the way here to the bay area. kpix 5 reporter cate caugiran is at sfo with the latest numbers on cancellations to the east coast. cate. >> reporter: good morning, frank. the storm is going to set things back for travelers a
thunderstorms. off to the north here of santa rosa we are detecting several lightning strikes and that's a sign of that instability that will be lingering over the next six to 12 hours. let's get a look at the rainfall totals. it's varied widely here. richmond 0.24 and then you've got san francisco at 0.10 and lesser amounts down into parts of the south bay. so here we go. tonight there's that rain we expect from the upper level area of low pressure that's going to push to the south as we head throughout 9:00 p.m., so expect another wave of wet weather as we head throughout this evening. we're also talking low snow for tomorrow morning. snow levels could drop as low as 2,000 feet. we'll let you know who could get a rain/snow mix coming up a little later on in the weather forecast. >>> thanks, jeff. the new eastern span of the bay bridge is set to open by this labor day and transit officials want to throw a big party giving people a chance to walk on the bridge before it opens to vehicle traffic. the catch, that party is over budget and the agency wants to use your money to help pay for the part
and into marin county. so wet weather developing right now santa rosa moving towards novato we're going to get more shower activity as tomorrow looking at all kinds of weather conditions in the northeast. through the mid section, sunny, mild and dri. there is snow across the great basin. a look at closer conditions here in california. we'll see a wide range from drig out up north to showers moving down into southern california. to snow over in the central sierra. and here is in the bay area tomorrow, after maybe a showery start into morning hours we'll see partly sunny skies by afternoon. not going to get very mild but will get dry. highs only into low to mid-50s. milder weather over the weekend0:x.2a >> quite a night here, spencer. >> it's called winter. >> yes. >> that is what sit. q-ú goes gangnam style and a girl sends hello kitty into space. >> thank you.o7uwz a look at the day's hottest videos blowing up on the tubes. there is a 12-year-old launching her hello kitty doll she got inspired after seeing a weather balloon launch and created her own version. all told it took a month of plan
, concord, fremont, san jose and upper 50s in santa rosa. and as for the sierras, that ongoing snowfall with additional snowfall at the core of this storm. with another couple of inches tomorrow. drier conditions and a slightly warmer temperatures. the rainfall tomorrow and drier conditions for next week. we will be dealing with some cold mornings. saturday, sunday and it is leaving cold air. we will take a look at your local www.snowbomb.com reports expect one half of feet of snowfall at most resorts. with an additional couple of inches in other areas. check it out www.snowbomb.com. >>catherinede >>catherine >>jacqueline >> let us take a look at sports with giglitle tid bits from the super bowl are leaking out. the final play of the super bowl was the free kick in which ted ginn was tackled to end the game but what if he broke it? mvp joe flacco had a contingency plan in place, as captured by nfl films the ruling is that if there is a clear cut it could be ruled a touchdown. and maybe he knew that he was just playing around. andjys in from the tatoee polar. colin kaepernick new tattoo
little ones bundled up it will be chilly. 33 nap a.34 santa rosa. scattered showers san mateo 39 san jose. 36 degrees in livermore. tomorrow afternoon keeping it cool. air mass modified. temperatures only in the low mid 50's as the colder air makes its way down and you need the shades as well. sunny break around the monterey bay few showers may linger so if going to the at&t national pro am pebble beam pro am take your umbrella with them you will need them. thunderstorm threat in the morning then we will see the showers winding down. it's sunny. milder. starting this weekend and we keep on taking those temperatures up each and every day going up a few degrees. by thursday? low to mid 60's. you start wondering is it really winter? it will feel like spring around here with temperatures rising well above normal at this point we are starting to slip away in the rainfall department. nothing we can do. >> still time left. >> there nice thanks very much. >> rain not in the way of great golf today. >> that's right. down at pebble beach larry is here. >> i'm something of an amateur
. umbrella. make surety little ones bundled up it will be chilly. 33 nap a.34 santa rosa. scattered showers san mateo 39 san jose. 36 degrees in livermore. tomorrow afternoon keeping it cool. air mass modified. temperatures only in the low mid 50's as the colder air makes its way down and you need the shades as well. sunny break around the monterey bay few showers may linger so if going to the at&t national pro am pebble beam pro am take your umbrella with them you will need them. thunderstorm threat in the morning then we will see the showers winding down. it's sunny. milder. starting this weekend and we keep on taking those temperatures up each and every day going up a few degrees. by thursday? low to mid 60's. you start wondering is it really winter? it will feel like spring around here with temperatures rising well above normal at this point we are starting to slip away in the rainfall department. nothing we can do. >> still time left. >> there nice thanks very much. >> rain not in the way of great golf today. >> that's right. down at pebble beach larry is here. >> i'
little ones bundled it will be up it will be chilly. 33 nap a.34 santa rosa. scattered showers san mateo 39 san jose. 36 degrees in livermore. tomorrow afternoon keeping it cool. air mass modified. temperatures only in the low mid 50's as the colder air makes its way down and you need the shades as well. sunny break around the monterey bay few showers may linger so if going to the at&t national pro am pebble beam pro am take your umbrella with them you will need them. thunderstorm threat in the morning then we will see the showers winding down. it's mils weekend and we keep on taking those temperatures up each and every day going up a few degrees. by thursday? low to mid 60's. you start wondering is it really winter? it will feel like spring around here with temperatures rising well above normal at this point we are starting to slip away in the rainfall department. nothing we can do. >> still time left. >> there nice thanks very much. >> rain not in the way of great golf today. >> that's right. down at pebble beach larry is here. >> i'm something of an amateur meteorologis
're talking about near-record lows. so this is basically as cold as it gets here. santa rosa, 29 degrees. make sure you bundle up, break out the snuggie, whatever it takes, the electric blankie to stay warm. tomorrow afternoon conditions will be downright perfect for the 20th annual giants fan fest. yep, starts at 10:00 a.m. but get out there early to make sure you can get into the park. there's going to be a big line, but it's worth it. 30 players expected to be out there tomorrow. >>> sunday, 58 degrees. temperatures will be a little bit warmer. we'll warm you up monday to tuesday. tall way through next week the mid-60s return. valentine's day looking downright lovely for the lovers out there. but i had mike tell me, only jon kelley can do that voice. >> oh, yeah, i'll leave that to mike, actually. he's got it down pretty good. christina loren, the caring, giving meteorologist. >>> the nbc bay area investigative unit obtaining financial data showing that while overall payroll in san jose decreased from 2011 to 2012 overtime increased by 35%. and that totals $4 million in difference there. in
rosa. 35 in the napa valley. 42 degrees in san jose. and 44 in san francisco. i think throughout the day today we'll start to see some clearing skies and temperatures going to stay chilly though. 53 degrees in livermore. 52 for a high in pacifica. breezy, too. and 55 degrees in san francisco. we'll have more on your weather coming up in just a few minutes. >>> after weeks of dry weather in the sierra the snow is back in a big way. this is a live picture from caltrans interstate 80 at donner lake. you see the trucks lining up there. a lot of snow and people are chaining up. >>> many drivers weren't prepared heading over the summit. they had to buy chains and some needed a little help putting them on. that meant some good business for those who make a living putting chains on for people. skiers, though, were ready for a little fresh powder. >> after a little bit more snow falls, it's great. you fall down, it doesn't hurt. >> for the most part, drivers took it slow and there were few accidents. >>> a storm is bearing down on the u.s. east coas
in santa rosa. it is 44 degrees out the door in hayward. we are talking about mid '50s and to the afternoon. these are your eyes.highs. if you are heading up to tahoe they may get 3 in. of snow. your high may be above the freezing mark. overnight it will get pretty chilly. your kron 47 day around the bay shows that it will be dry weather and clear conditions as we head into the middle of next week. >> happy friday to you gary perry ed >> the same for you and the entire staff at kron. >> whoever called this kid right in the nicest kid he said good morning. >> i told him to call you serve and to never looked you in the eyes. >> when you are a performer everyone looks set to. everybody wants a piece of you. it is better. >> it is tough. >> tell me about this contract with the mariners. >> just off the top of my head there are very few guys to understand the money. the money is there is just that if you were to squeeze money out of me i just would prefer that says this guy has been retired for five years. i will bring again bonds or derrick jeter. >> he plays every day. a pitcher works every si
is the language that tried to push rosa parks to the back of the bus. separate but equal is the motive that determined that black and white people could not possibly drink from the same water fountain, eat at the same table, or use the same toilets. separate but equal are the words that justified sending black children to different schools from their white peers. it's an excerpt from the phrase book of the separatist. it's the same delusion that we borrowed in this country to say that women could vote but only if they were married and only when they were over 30. it is the same naivety that gave way for my dad, being a citizen when he arrived here in 1956, but refused by landlords and proclaimed no blacks, no irish, it entrenched who we were, who our friends could be and what our lives could become. this is not separate but equal. it is separate and discriminated. separate and oppressed. separate and browbeated and separate and subjugated. so let us be rid of it. as long as there is one rule for us and another for them, we allow the barriers of acceptance to go unchallenged. as long as
rosa and lots of action offshore that will eventually hit land areas overnight state wide tomorrow looking at snow in the sierra. snow reaching over to the great basin across nevada. showers down in southern california but much more than half of the state drying out tomorrow including bay area after some morning showers see partly sunny skies tomorrow. high not low mid 50's. accu-weather 7 day forecast. drying up begins tomorrow the afternoon then sunny dry weather for the next 6 days and much milder next week with high pressure climbing back into the 60's. >> thanks very much. >> skateboarder facing arrest for reckless neglect road behavior. erases arms in triumph after triggering a speed camera clocking him at 60 miles an hour. down steep road in taip cape town, south africa. gps sensor fit into the ankle and kept track of the speed. friend filmed the stunt with a camera strapped to the car bumper. authorities wish had he not done that. open public street. >> he is going to be the coolest guy in jail. everybody will love that video. >> larry back after terrific week in
for a missing man in santa rosa. but family members are not giving up hope. searchers have spent six days looking for 35-year-old jason kyle of sacramento. investigators say a hiker spotted him naked and chanting on saturday but he has not been seen since. family members say he is disupon tent over personal issue. they plan to carry on the search and asking for volunteers to help them. >>> golfers will tee off for day two. there are plenty of famous faces on the links including former secretary of state condoleezza rice. not bad. it looks like she was in the sand maybe. she is getting her first taste of big time golf on pebble beach. he started playing golf five years ago when she was mid way through her tenure of secretary of state. >> you ask me how did it compare to diplomacy. well, i know how to do diplomacy. >> i think she will be here more playing golf than what she did. >> two golfers share the lead after round one. >> i think i can handle condoleezza rice on the golf course. >> well, maybe she will accept the challenge. >> i'm dreaming though. >>> time now 5:17. sal is not dreamin
not much changes over the last 12 hours. nothing to speak of and santa rosa temperatures in the upper 50s. tomorrow sunny and warmer. as we look towards this stretch of dry weather with a warmer afternoon. today will be cooler shall 54 in san jose. 56 in livermore. downtown san francisco checking in at 55 degrees. your kron 4 7 day around the bay 60s. with wednesday, first of high- pressure is back in control with 60s for some of the east shore spots. more on your forecast in still monitoring overnight construction at the bridge. it has started to back up and there was a wait at some of those cash lanes. but not the case anymore certainly traffic is increasing. and a bit of rain fall as you go towards the high rise. and a wet morning at the golden gate coming out of marin county. overall, 80s and conditions. steady. >> california authority's ours searching for one of their own. in in a vendetta. add pain has the story. >> they believe that he is responsible for a string of shootings to law enforcement. >> if you read his manifesto this is very specific towards law enforcement. this is a v
to the south. still could be a slight shower the next half hour to hour but cooling at 32 in santa rosa, and the rest of us in the upper 30's to low 40's and more tonight. frost inland after temperatures in t ♪ >>> all right. d.j. michelle pesce and a great crowd this morning. she's spinning us in the weekend. the official d.j. for the grammy celebration party. robin's return, only 12 days away. she will be back on "gma" february 20th. we cannot wait. >> we're excited about that. >>> also, kendall and kylie jenner are here. they're the kardashian sisters. taking on the fashion world. they're here with a first look at their fashion line and the hottest looks for spring. >>> we also have an announcement about superstar james franco, the star of "oz: the great and powerful." a fantastical movie by disney. >>> and looking forward to this. we don't have a bell. the raciest roll yet. he's been named the grand marshal for the 55th daytona 500. he will say those famous words, drivers start your engines. kicking off the season for nascar. >>> also, madeleine stowe. >> i love the show. i love t
seized a $2.5 million mansion from a squatter who has been living there since december. andre bar rosa,, 22 years old. police and a bank of america representative came calling and they gave barbosa the boot. >> which you knew that was going to happen. you can't squat in a 2$2.5 million mansion. >> he has law school in his future i believe. >>> still ahead, if you use your smartphone for work when are you off the clock, does that count for overtime? new implications for one lawsuit. >>> the snow sports business has seen a drought in the last four years this could be the answer to the industry's prayers. you're watching "starting point." ou're a dog. can you smell that leather? of course you can. your nose is amazing. you guys keep in touch. i'll get you a great deal on any trade-in, no questions asked. i have no questions! and just look at that cargo space! what? once you sit in a subaru, you'll stay. officewith an online package new colincluding: domain name,y! website builder with five pages and basic email just $49.99! that's up to 76 percent below online providers and only at office
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